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Making music is a big part of my life

Before I had children I was a professional musician/vocalist in Sydney.  When my daughter was born I realised that most of my gigs would be at night or on weekends.  Either my children or my career would suffer and I chose to let go of my career.

When Wanja (my Reiki Master) stayed with us in 1994, she told me to sing again and so I started.  Getting back into performing I found myself moving towards jazz and when we moved to Northern NSW I joined a Klezmer band (KaOZ Klezmer) and sang with them for four years.  After I left the band I began to do more jazz gigs.

"I'm Afraid the Masquerade is Over"  is a a soft, haunting jazz ballad recorded with Steve Russell, a pianist who I have the great good fortune to sing with.  We recorded it as a promo for a gig at the Lismore Jazz Club in Lismore.  My trio for the gig included an incredible bass player - Thierry Fossmale.  A cd of the trio will be ready for release later this year.

"Undoing World" was written by Tony Kushner and is from an album - "Oy! KaOZ Klezmer Live"  recorded before a live audience in the Starcourt Theatre, Lismore on Sept.15th 2001 - four days after Sept 11th.  The band did a couple of warm up numbers, and then I came on stage.  My first realisation was that I was in front of an audience in shock.  By the end of the evening people were alive again.

I have three projects in the pipeline: a cd of the Lismore Jazz Club concert, an album of Jewish songs recorded with Steve and a concert (in Sydney) with acclaimed pianist and composer Yitzhak Yedid to be recorded live for a cd. 

Keep watching if you're interested.  Much more to come:)

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ps - the site that housed my clips has folded, but they'll be up again soon - with more.

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