Workshops, Treatments & Reiki Shares
Learning Reiki & getting treatment


Reiki I Workshops 

Is held in four three hour sessions over four successive days or evenings.  In the first degree you learn about the history of Reiki, the basic treatment for self and others, how to use Reiki to help yourselves, your family and friends and the Five Spiritual Principles of Reiki given by Dr. Usui.

Reiki II Workshop

Is held over two half days.  Learn to send a distant Reiki treatment.  The second degree is a much stronger energy and brings in a further conscious working with emotional and spiritual levels. 

Reiki Share Days

 No charge

Reiki Treatments (Hands-on)

. . . takes approximately one hour.   Reiki works by gently dissolving energy knots that cause stress, thereby restoring balance to the body, mind and emotions and allowing one's energy to flow freely.  There is no need to remove clothes.  Reiki is not massage.  The hands are  placed on different parts of the body and are still.  Patients often experience a profound relaxation and silence akin to meditation which promotes peace and healng. 

Distant Treatments

. . . takes approximately 45 minutes.  We have a short chat either by phone or Skype and then you either lie down or sit quietly while I send Reiki.  Most people experience a deep relaxation and come back to this reality feeling refreshed and calmer.   

To make an appointment or for more information

phone Liora: 6624 4216 or mob: 0412 367 092

Fee Schedule

Fees may be pre-paid by personal cheque (in Australia) or EFT.

Reiki I . . . . . . . . . . . $350

Reiki II . . . . . . . . . . .$650

Reiki Treatments. .Initial treatment $100

                              Follow up treatments $85 / hr * .

Distant Treatment. $85** . . approx 45 mins

Reiki II Refresher: held either in person or Skype by donation

Reiki Chat: half hour $60** (Either by phone or Skype.  Often people need to just have a chat about what's happening.  In these sessions we talk about any and all aspects of Reiki).  If you are overseas, please email me to work out a suitable time 

Payment can be made via Paypal or by EFT

* Please ask about concessions if this is beyond what you can pay.

** This is for people who have not learned Reiki with me.  There is no charge for my students.

Liora Lalita Claff ~ ~ ~ Email:  ~ ~ ~ ~ ph: The Reiki Room:  +61 2 6624 4216