Reiki and Animals
Short shares about Reiki and animals


Everything that is made up of consciousness can potentially receive Reiki.  Most animals love having Reiki and respond well.  Giving Reiki to them is not only healing for them but it strengthens the communication and the bond we share with them.  If you would like to add your story please email me at and please let me know if you'd like to include your name.  Thank you

Reiki and Animals

We have three cats - a mother and two of her offspring.  They're nine and ten years old.  Recently the male cat started behaving strangely.  The cats stay out during the day, but come in at night, but he started staying out, not eating and would run away when we approached him (he's usually the schmooziest of the three).  I thought he was going ferral and felt really upset so my daughter, Anasuya and I started sending Reiki to him.  The next day he came into the house and we saw that he had a huge and painful lump on his spine and his ear was torn.  He'd obviously been fighting - there's a white soxed male cat that comes to steal food and fight with him and it looked like he'd come off worse for wear.

I decided that we'd give him Reiki and if he didn't respond within a couple of days we'd take him to the vet as it looked like the lump was a huge abscess.  So Anasuya and I gave him hours of Reiki and he just sat on our laps and lapped it up.

The next day the lump was just a little smaller and he was brighter and moving a little better.  The following day the lump was visibly reduced and he went out for a short while and had something to eat.  Within a few days the lump became a bump and within a week it was gone and he was back to his old self.  

~~ Thank you for the Reiki ~~ Thank you for the Reiki ~~ Thank you for the Reiki ~~

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